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Curdworth Pre-School

Preparing for the see-saw of life!
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Inclusion Policy

Our Pre-School aims to be an inclusive setting. We hope to make all our children feel welcome and happy to look forward to their Pre-School day. Each child is different and we view differences as an opportunity for us all to learn more about ourselves.

If your child has a disability he or she will be treated no less favourably than other applicants for admission. We make reasonable adjustments to ensure that pupils with disabilities are not placed at a disadvantage. The school has a policy for supporting children with special educational needs which is revised every year. This policy is available to view in the Policy Folder located in Pre-School. Our aim is for all children to have access to all aspects of Pre-School life, as far as is reasonable and practicable.

In order for effective partnership to work between home and Pre-School we encourage parents to inform Pre-School at the earliest opportunity if their child has a disability and the exact nature of it. To provide the information we need to plan effectively for the child to be a full member of the Pre-School community.